While watching the Golden Globes, and messing around on my iPad, I swiftly touched the “Notes” app so I could add another movie to my “Must Watch List”.

That’s right, a list of movies to watch…saved on my iPad.

My closest friends and family know that I love the feel of a good magazine cover (that one is for you Rev Jo Jo). I love having shelves filled with books that have perfectly in tact binds, despite having been read. And…for the last 15 years, I have maintained a beautiful, burgundy paisley covered address book. So, with some hesitation, I have a confession. I have converted.

Address books, magazines, newspapers…they are all artifacts of my previous life. Now, everything I do is electronic. I never thought it would happen, but it has. I have converted.

The little tablet called the iPad, is revolutionary. It’s creators are shear genius. I can’t imagine even dreaming something this cool, let alone, making it come to life. I am up to date on EVERYTHING going on in the world, thanks to my NPR, CNN, and NY Times apps. And now, I am multi-tasking like no other. Sending emails, posting updates to fb, and checking the balance of my checking account. I am organized…for real.

So, to my brothers and sisters of the Church of Paper and Books “c’mon in boys (and girls), the water is fine”.

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  1. Welcome aboard, cavewoman! :)


  2. I prefer to call myself a traditionalist :)


  3. This is great post, Nicole. You write well–have wonderful wit. I especially love the last sentence.

    You mentioned on my blog that you didn’t know how you wanted to focus. But I wouldn’t worry about that for now. Experiment, have fun, see what works.

    My blog is definitely an eclectic mix, and most of my readers say they enjoy that. Yes, I wrote a lot about Haiti, but if you look back at my posts over the past couple of months, you’ll see I have been all over the place–at times I’m quite serious–at other times I try to be funny. I include my art. Write about my family. You name it.

    I suggest you look at Tori Nelson’s blog “The Ramblings”– She’s wickedly funny and on my blog roll.


  4. Yup, I’m definitely jealous! :)

    Have you noticed whether it’s changed your reading habits at all. Are you looking for short stories rather than novels or articles rather than nonfiction books, or would you say it’s just the same – only digital.


  5. It has changed my reading habits – I read more now :). Definitely more news. I mostly ready novels / fiction, and it’s great because depending on my mood, I can chose from 2 or 3 different books that I have going at the same time – which is great for me. I can be a little sschizophrenic when it comes to what I’m in the mood to read. And…if I have a thought while I’m reading, I can just open the Notes app, and type a few ideas for a new blog…


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