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Decision Point

I have shown my cards
I don’t fit in.
One thing I know for sure
I am at a decision point.
Is this the way it will always be?

I refuse to be typical.
I refuse to lower my standards.
I refuse to abandon my committment to purpose,
And simply go through the motions.

I have been told I am too optimistic, too idealistic
That is ok.
Optimism is what fuels my passion
And gives me what I need to believe
That I can change the world.
Now, I just have find others that want to do the same

It is official.
I am at a decision point.

Why I Write

I have tried to resist, but have officially surrendered. This is why I write.

I write for Christina, who was dedicated to words,
I write to help others understand me.

I write to offer a different perspective on things,
I write in search of serenity.

I write because I admire the wit of others, and now have courage to share my own.
I write because it shows the world truly who I am, a passionate and creative soul.