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Why I Write

I have tried to resist, but have officially surrendered. This is why I write.

I write for Christina, who was dedicated to words,
I write to help others understand me.

I write to offer a different perspective on things,
I write in search of serenity.

I write because I admire the wit of others, and now have courage to share my own.
I write because it shows the world truly who I am, a passionate and creative soul.

16 days…

And still, I am in my creative space. Committed to not being obsessed with perfection, I write and type…and suddenly talking seems overrated

So, what’s in a name? A lot actually :)

The Rambling Lily…huh?

Rambling, for the obvious reasons…that is what I will be doing on this blog :).  I hope that my writing evolves into something that resembles strands of thoughts linked together by some type of logic, but hey, I’m not searching for perfection, just spending time doing something I like.

Lily, because it is a dainty little flower just like me. It represents happiness, is a product of the earth, and is the flower for my birth month – May. I have always liked the name Lilly…

I am officially writing…

Based on a gut feel to “get more creative”, as well as a sign from the stars, I now am blogging…