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A Different Kind of Obligation

I gaze at my daughter while she sleeps. Marveling at the rosiness of her cheeks, and the peace that surrounds her. All I can do is smile. Smile in amazement. I created, and brought this perfect little human to our world. Smile because she is so pure and innocent. And smile because of the infinite number of options and experiences she will have. And this is when I realize, I now have a different kind of obligation.

I have always wanted to be a good daughter, a good employee, and a good citizen – making positive contributions to my community, but now, things are different. It is my obligation to be a well rounded woman and mother. Teaching my daughter how to cook a “to die for” pot roast, while also being able to give a presentation at a board meeting. It is my obligation to ensure that she knows she can be and do anything that her heart desires.

In my life, I have never felt any limitations. The sky has always been the limit. Nurture or nature? I am not really sure, but now I am obligated to make sure she feels the same.