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Today I was an anthropologist on a first date.

Today I had an identity crisis. Juror or anthropologist? Juror or anthropologist? Apparently the docket was uneventful, so Margaret Mead it was…

I found a great seat, allowing me to observe the entire room. All the usual suspects were present – the comedian, the knitting granny, the disgruntled redneck, the cute young girl (constantly applying lip gloss) the Blackberry fiend, the chronic cougher (thank goodness I wasn’t sitting next to him) the immigrant, and of course, the soduku / crossword master.

As time went on, people succumed to discomfort and solitude. There was squirming, half smiles, and in some cases, even an attempt at breaking the ice without getting too personal. Anonymity is very important you know.

Today was like a first date – awkward, but intriguing. I’m secretly hoping for a second date. Maybe I will even be able to fulfill my civic duty…

So, what’s in a name? A lot actually :)

The Rambling Lily…huh?

Rambling, for the obvious reasons…that is what I will be doing on this blog :).  I hope that my writing evolves into something that resembles strands of thoughts linked together by some type of logic, but hey, I’m not searching for perfection, just spending time doing something I like.

Lily, because it is a dainty little flower just like me. It represents happiness, is a product of the earth, and is the flower for my birth month – May. I have always liked the name Lilly…